Interview with Vivian Chan

March 1, 2012 - Interviews

The Lovely Daze - Interview With Vivian Chan 03.01.12

Vivian Chan is a designer based in Los Angeles, California. Vivian’s designs are all about femininity, beauty, and confidence. As a designer, she seeks to create clothing that allows the woman to embrace her feminine nature and feel beautiful. Her goal and inspiration as a designer is to create garments that enable the wearer to see and feel how truly beautiful she is. Vivian will be making custom designs made to order for Local Produce, which we are psyched about. Check out our interview with her as we talk about everything from what kind of sewing machine she uses to her favorite fabric in this exclusive interview. POW WOW.

“Fashion has always been a huge part of my life since I was small.”

The Lovely Daze (TLZ): Please introduce yourself.

Vivian Chan (VC): Name is Vivian Chan and I am a fashion designer based in Los Angeles. I was born in Taiwan and moved to the states when I was six. Fashion has always been a huge part of my life since I was small.

TLZ: Can you describe your work?

VC: Feminine, confident & chic, with a lot of attention to details. I want my designs to bring out the confidence and beauty of the woman from the inside out.

TLZ: Awesome. We think you are doing a great job at that.

VC: Aw thanks!

The Lovely Daze - Interview With Vivian Chan 03.01.12

TLZ:  How long have you been designing for? Any schooling?

VC:  I didn’t learn how to sew until my sophomore year in college, so I really didn’t start designing until after I completed the course. Learning how to sew really activated my creative mind. My knowledge of garment construction gave life to my sketches. It wasn’t until I studied in Paris and London did I truly develop my own voice and aesthetic as a designer. My experiences abroad, in school, and with various internships, jobs, projects, really equipped me for the fashion industry.

“Learning how to sew really activated my creative mind.”

TLZ: What school do you go to right now?

VC: Cal State Long Beach.

TLZ: What do you think is a difference between going to a Cal State as opposed to those tech schools like FIT?

VC: You really get the full “college” experience and get to meet a variety of people with different interests and backgrounds, unlike tech schools like FIT, everyone is creative. CSULB is obviously a lot more affordable and you receive a great education. Another difference is location. FIT is located in NY so you are constantly exposed to the fast paced lifestyle of the fashion industry.

The Lovely Daze - Interview With Vivian Chan 03.01.12

TLZ: You like things a little more chill?

VC: Mm not always. I love fashion because it is constantly changing. It never gets boring and is always on the move.

TLZ: So what is your design process like?

VC: I start with gathering images that inspire me, then from there I sketch a couple different designs. I then go shopping for fabrics because depending on what I find, it helps me to decide on a sketch. Fabrics really speak to me, so when I find “the one”, my vision of the garment really come together. From there I begin to make my patterns for the design. Once patterns are done, I usually make a test garment to check fit, and if there is anything I need to alter in my patterns. If test garment comes out as planned, I then go on to cutting out my fashion fabric! Everything pretty much comes together and a beautiful garment is born. 

TLZ:  Birthdays! That is cool.

VC:  Fashion birth. Lol! 

“I love to mix contrasting fabrics…”

TLZ:  You make the patterns?

VC: Yup! Right now I do everything myself.

The Lovely Daze - Interview With Vivian Chan 03.01.12

TLZ:  Respect. What is your favorite fabric to work with?

VC:  Fabric with structure. I love to mix contrasting fabrics like hard and soft etc.

TLZ: What kind of sewing machine do you have?

VC: Singer! Just a small traditional home sewing machine. This little guy has been through a lot with me. Nothing fancy

TLZ: Your dresses are fancy.

VC: Haha I get that a lot. I don’t believe in dress codes. I think that women should wear whatever makes them feel beautiful, whenever they want.

The Lovely Daze - Interview With Vivian Chan 03.01.12

TLZ: What kind of music are you into?

VC: a lot of acoustic and jazz. I’ve been obsessed with Stacey Kent, Ella Fitzgerald, and Chantal Chamberland lately. Listening to them as we speak!

“I consider each piece I make my prayers for women.”

TLZ:  Awesome! So what should people expect to see from you at Local Produce?

VC: A woman’s dream wardrobe! Haha just kidding.

The Lovely Daze - Interview With Vivian Chan 03.01.12

TLZ: hahaha nice!  

VC: Well I consider each piece I make is a prayer for women. I think that self esteem and image issues are a constant struggle for women women are constantly seeking for approval and acceptance through objects, people, etc so i hope people will view my designs as answered prayers!

TLZ: Sweet! Any last words?

VC: Happy shopping!


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