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March 7, 2016 - Interviews


Because we here at The Lovely Daze make two mixes each and every week for you, we go through a TON of music to pick out for the mixes. We are constantly looking for new tunes to share and when we stumble on something that’s really special, it takes us away and reminds us why we do it.

Rutes, from the United Kingdom, did just that. We really got our ears turned way up with his new EP, “Moment Metal” coming out of the label, Macadam Mambo. After hearing Rute’s EP, we reached out to the producer and he was kind enough to do an interview and mix for The Lovely Daze. Hope you enjoy both!

“There’s always some hater that’s gonna try and bitch about how this and that ain’t right and try to bring you down from your high of whatever you are doing! Ignore these idiots and do whatever makes you happy!”

The Lovely Daze (TLZ): For those that don’t know you, please introduce yourself.
Rutes: Easy! Im Rutes from Croydon UK – DJ, digger and music lover of all styles. Rutes is one of my aliases and looks more into my record collecting side. I’ve been doing mixes for a good few years now and started off by sending to Overfitting Disco where I feature on a regular basis. Ive been playing at a number of UK festivals and I also play at Camp Cosmic in Sweden. Rutes is more edits and rare music and my other aliases are more of my own production.

TLZ: What came first producing or DJing?
Rutes: DJing came first, it wasn’t until a few years later that I started looking into making my own music and re-editing.

TLZ: How did you get into DJing?
Rutes: During my school days there were a lot of pirate stations playing all week on the radio. Drum and Bass was the main thing we were all listening to and every day, I would record tapes and start looking into the latest tunes they were playing. There were a few record shops around that would bang out tunes all day so you could just go in and listen or pick out a few and play yourself. A few of my friends were into buying records so we would all meet up, smoke weed and do mix tapes most evenings. The main tunes I was buying back then was old Hip Hop and DnB/Jungle, but after a while I started getting into older music like funk and disco – also Techno was making a big impact in my life. Even today you see me carrying a big bag of records on my back. It’s a right pain in the ass but I wouldn’t have it any other way!


TLZ: How did you get into producing?
Rutes: I always used to wonder about how it was done but never really knew anyone that could help me start learning. Then an older friend that I worked with had a nephew that said he would teach me the basics. At the time it was just a little hobby, but after a while I really felt that this was something that I’d like to make my career.

TLZ: What type of music got you into production?
Rutes: Listening to Jeff Mills tunes and other Detroit Techno in the 90s really fascinated me. Minimal sounds with maximum effects! Also Cosmic Records a UK techno label released some of the most tribally shit you would ever hear at a party, it would literally hypnotise you in the club!

TLZ: What is your process from beginning to end on making music?
Rutes: I wouldn’t say I have the same process every time when making a track. I just like jamming and see what happens. Im a big one for machines, as just staring  at a screen does my head in after a while.

TLZ: How long does it take you to make a track/edit?
Rutes: I get the main part of a track done in a day. Then I usually leave for a while and come back to it a few days later for a fresh outlook. Then its mostly just altering and tweaking a few parts here and there. I never spend too long on one tune. If I keep going over it I always end up getting bored and messing it up so best to just leave it as it is.

“I never spend too long on one tune. If I keep going over it I always end up getting bored and messing it up so best to just leave it as it is.”

TLZ: Any good tips for the producers out there?
Rutes: Sometimes you have days were you have production block and nothing is going right. Everyone gets them so don’t give up and push through, it comes eventually. Also there’s a lot of good labels and nice people that will give you the time and listen to your music! Everything comes to you if you work hard!

TLZ: How did you link up with Macadam Mambo?
Rutes: Me and a few mates met Sacha and the crew at Camp Cosmic a few years ago and we kept in contact from there. One of my close friends, George Kamm, had a release last year so was talking regularly to them and said that I had a few edits that I wanted to send over so they were happy to give them a listen. After that they picked the ones they liked and we went from there.

TLZ: What inspired these songs on “Moment Mental”?
Rutes: I’m really into weird and unusual music. I guess it just shows the different styles I like to listen to. The Pitch tune is one of my all time favourite tunes so that was a must to have on the release.


TLZ: Can you tell us about Camp Cosmic?
Rutes: I first went there 2013 with 3 other mates. It really blew our minds as it was so different to the usual festivals we would go to in UK. It was only a couple of hundred people, but everyone was so friendly and by the end of it you felt that you had made a whole load of new friends. I also got to play at that first one. I really didn’t think I had a chance but when I messaged Albion he said yes straight away! I was well chuffed! Coming back home after that first year was really hard, especially as all my mates ended up staying in Sweden a few more days and I was coming back to work!

TLZ: Who do you look up to on the DJ and or production side of things?
Rutes: There are so people that have had a big influence in my life so here are just a few to give you an idea, Steve Bicknell, Jeff Mills, Gang Starr, DJ Loxy, Rodney P, Paul Johnson, Roy Ayers, Scientist, Loud-E, Albion, Lord Finesse, MF Doom, J Dilla, the list can go on and on!

“It’s a little different to the usual mixes I make, but with the Mambo release being more 80s I thought id do it to fit the style.”

TLZ: Are you big on internet digging? If so what are your go to sites to listen to new music?
Rutes: Yeah I’m all for internet buying now a days. When your younger you have loads of time to just travel around digging but when you get older finding the time to look for records is hard. Too many things to do nowadays and I’m trying to spend most of my time in the studio now doing my own production. I still get out occasionally but I’m starting to run out of room so can’t be coming home with shit loads of tunes! Im a bit funny with my collection and have been going through all my records and the ones that are really battered I’ve been ordering fresh copies. Also, Im a bit of a hater of white labels so if I can grab the proper release on the net I will, it’s a bit of an OCD thing!

In my day job I get quite a lot of time to listen to other music and most of the time I’m going through different Soundcloud mixes. I love checking out peoples stuff and think its the best way to listen to new music. Theres some really good DJs out there and some of the production people are doing is unreal.

TLZ: What is that one record you always come back to?
Rutes: Its gotta be Rinder & Lewis – Willie And The Hand Jive. I always stick in my bag whether I’m playing disco, house or a techno set. Such a wicked tune!

TLZ: What is a record that everyone loves but you hate?
Rutes: I haven’t really got any record in particular that I dislike. Each to there own.

TLZ: What is your guilty pleasure record/song?
Rutes: I recently got a copy of Laurent Voulzy – Le Soleil Donne, so cheese but I love it!

TLZ: How was the mix you made for The Lovely Daze produced?
Rutes: It’s a little different to the usual mixes I make, but with the Mambo release being more 80s I thought id do it to fit the style. Some are favourites and others are tunes I’ve picked up recently. All vinyl just the way we like it!

TLZ: Best party in the UK right now?
Rutes: Over the years the best parties by far were Lost Nights run by Steve Bicknell. He still does one every now and then, but anything he does is worth checking out. Also a night called Body Hammer run by Joe Hart is a wicked night, proper goes off in there!

TLZ: The best records stores in the UK?
Rutes: Phonica and Reckless Records up Soho are definitely a couple you need to visit when up town. Also Beggars Banquet is a great place to get tunes. It’s one of the shops I’ve been buying from since the start of my collecting days.

TLZ: Anything new coming up in the works?
Rutes: I’ve got another release coming out this year for Passport To Paradise so keep an eye out for that! Also loads of other stuff by my other aliases, all my own production.

TLZ: Last words?
Rutes: There’s always some hater that’s gonna try and bitch about how this and that ain’t right and try to bring you down from your high of whatever you are doing! Ignore these idiots and do whatever makes you happy!

Peace and Thanks to The Lovely Daze Crew!

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