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November 16, 2012 - Interviews

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Pacific Shore is an audiovisual project made by Mike Ro Wave and Stanley Bloom. The project was inspired by a road trip up and down California. The music stems from their first loves: funk, soul and hip-hop. The amazing visuals come from the energy of the California vibes. We catch up with these Parisians and ask them questions about their trip and music in this weeks interview! Dive in.

Photos By: Pacific Shore

“We designed our project all along the trip but we didn’t decide to travel because of that. That’s all the magic of Pacific Shore…”

The Lovely Daze (TLZ): Please introduce yourselves.

Mike Ro Wave (MRW): Romain aka Mike Ro Wave, I used to play guitar and melodica in RTSF, an alternative dub band (still existing). Then I decided to do my own music inspired by my own influences that are similar to Stan.

Stanley Bloom (SB): We both live nearby in a Paris suburb, I was DJing for several years in Paris with my collective “Les Darons.” Already friends and on the same wavelength, we started helping each other in productions, and discovered a very good dynamic.  Because of our musical background, Ro is more familiar with the melodies, and I’m with the rhythm.

TLZ: How did Pacific Shore come about? Did both of you go on this trip?

MRW: I was in San Francisco for few months last summer, Stan came with another friend for a California road trip and we already had different projects in mind. We can say that Pacific Shore was born along our journey. I already produced beats and drafts in San Francisco, which is a real inspiring city and our goal was to take photos along the trip.

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TLZ: What made you decide to choose California for a place to visit?

SB: MRW was already there for work, but we would probably have still gone there eventually.  The shore is really inspiring and all the different landscapes gave us a lot of ideas. The fact we already knew the Californian music philosophy made this road trip even more attractive to us.

TLZ: Did you know you were going to make music inspired by California before the trip?

We designed our project all along the trip but we didn’t decide to travel because of that. That’s all the magic of Pacific Shore and that is what we both like in music “la spontanéité”.

The Lovely Daze Radio

TLZ: Favorite Spot you visited in Cali?

MRW: There are a lot of amazing spots in Cali, but if I had to select a few I would say, Frisco because I spent a long time there and have a lot of good friends from the area. I am crazy about all the wonderful spots to chill in the city. Then I would say Yosemite park, we love the wild there.

The Lovely Daze Radio

SB: Most of the spots are based in San Francisco, which is without a doubt my favorite city in Cali,  I felt that there really is a soul. But I love all  California and if you look closely in our tracklist album, each tracks are named by a spot we loved during our journey.

TLZ: Did you do any record shopping? If so how was your experience. What was your favorite store? What records did you buy?

MRW: Yes I re-started buying wax in cali, you guys have a lot of choices and it’s cheap! I bought a lot of boogie funk and jazz stuff, a friend gave me a Yusef Lateef crate that I really love and listen to a lot. My favorite shop there was the Amoeba music  store on Haight street in Frisco, it is big and you have a bunch of wicked wax/albums (the one in Berkeley is great too).

The Lovely Daze Radio

SB: I also remember we went to a little store of various music machines near North Beach, and there was this basement with vinyl everywhere. We couldn’t even walk through!

The Lovely Daze Radio

TLZ: Favorite eats in Cali?

MRW: We had great barbecue in Yosemite at our campground. We had beef jerky and stuff like that. Real raw food but it was a great time we shared in the wild.  We have a great spot in Frisco it’s call the “Pearl’s” big up to their wonderful burgers!

TLZ: What do you like better about California than Paris?

Obviously the SUN. The way of life. People there are way more relaxed and open minded! Also, it’s easier to meet people. Another thing missing in Paris are a breakfast restaurants, there are a few but mostly open only on Sundays.

TLZ: What do you like better about Paris than California?

Maybe monuments and museums, the city story is very conspicuous. Getting lost in the small streets, and finding a hidden place. Even if you’ve lived in Paris for a long time, you still discover new spots.

TLZ: We are big fans of Pilooski and that whole D-I-R-T-Y crew. Are you into their music? They always play at Social Club. Is that an awesome place in Paris?

SB: Yes I like Pilooski, but in the same wave, I am more familiar with In Flagranti’s music. I used to mix at Social Club (opening for Etienne de Crécy, MSTRKFT…), but it was a long time ago now!  The last time we went there was for Dam-Funk (this year), that was perfectly flashy. The club has also became a nice place for concerts thanks to the new sound system.

TLZ: What are your favorite spots in Paris?

‘La Belleviloise” is a nice spot to listen to good music, a lot of hip hop, beatmaking, and modern soul are played there. Sometimes we go into a few jazz clubs in Paris close to Saint Michel. “Le Nouveau Casino” is an eclectic concert place often planning good shows. But we don’t go to clubs that much.

The Lovely Daze Radio

TLZ: You guys said your first love was soul and hip hop. What are some of your favorite hip hop tracks?

MW: I m gonna say classic stuff but I love “Labcabincalifornia” and “Bizzare Ride II” by The Pharcyde. Big fan of the whole J dilla discography. Talib Kweli “The Blast” is a hip hop classic.

SB: We both played basketball for many years, we had the opportunity and pleasure to play in Venice Beach, a mythical bball place! Hip-Hop is part of this culture, this music was my first love. Obviously, many classic stuff such as :

A Tribe Called Quest(ATCQ) – Electric Relaxation, I love all artists from Native Tongues collective.

Pete Rock & CL Smooth – They Reminisce Over You of course!

People Under The Stairs – We’ll Be There, to me this band is kind of ATCQ successor.

Kero One – Ain’t That Somethin? This guy is from SF, really like his instruments.

Ali Shaheed Muhammad – 4 Moms, composed by JDilla.

The Lovely Daze Radio

TLZ: Stanley, based on your site it seems like you do a lot of creative stuff like design, photography, and music production. Which one is your favorite?

SB: Yes, I am a Graphic Designer first, but audio and visual are very close for me.  That is why imagery is as important as music in our projects. I love music production, I love design and photography.  Sometimes I am more into visuals, and sometimes more into music, but at the end, they are extra.

The Lovely Daze Radio

TLZ: You guys play any instruments?

SB: Ro plays instruments, he is usually behind keyboards, synths, bass, or a guitar. I am more behind the machines, controller  computer, rythm, I play piano a bit, but Ro is more inspired! I am more able to create rhythms and moods, that are going to inspire Ro for a melody or a bass-line. That’s why we are quite complementary.

TLZ: How was the mix for The Lovely Daze made?

SB: We share tracks we love together and that inspire us. We used Ableton Live, warping tracks first, try good combinations, and then mixing it live; Keeping something very “human”, you know. We didn’t want the mix not so mechanical. We wanted you to feel the human presence behind it. I prefer mixing with turntables and vinyls, but one is broken for now…

TLZ: Where is the next place you guys want to travel, document, and get inspired from?

SB: At this time, I am more into cold countries like Iceland, that place seems handsome to me. I lived in Montreal for one year, I totally fell in love with the area, people are very kind and landscape are nice. Also, I’d like to visit New Orleans, which looks very inspiring.

MRW: I would love to go to Canada, I love the wild and I would love to spend time there. South America as well. I think I love to travel and would love to travel as much as I can in my life.

The Lovely Daze Radio

TLZ: Anything exciting coming up or in the works for you two?

We are looking for gigs dates in Paris very soon but at the same time we hope to release a new project with a short movie in a different atmosphere than Pacific Shore, something more fantastic, but we will keep our signature Californian music influences. And we plan to work again with the very talented singer, Sarah Linhares.

The Lovely Daze Radio

TLZ: Lastly, If you could describe California with one word in French, what would it be?

MW: Détente.

SB: Précurseur.

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