Interview With Jan Schulte

June 28, 2012 - Interviews

Interview With Jan Schulte 06.28.12

Photo by: Stephan Machac

Based out of Düsseldorf, Germany, Jan Schulte is a man that wears a lot of hats. He makes great music, throws awesome parties, is part of the Düsseldorf based label, Themes For Great Cities, and is one cool ass dude. Here we catch up with Jan Schulte AKA Bufiman AKA Wolf Müller and discuss everything from his work process to when he has time to eat food.

The Lovely Daze (TLZ): Can you please tell us who you are and what you do?

Jan Schulte (JS): My name is Jan, I like drums.

TLZ: How long have you been liking drums/producing?

JS: I remember cutting samples from when I was 14 years old. Of course I started with hip-hop, getting into breaks and all kinds of recorded drums to use and build other rhythms with. That’s what I still do in some way.

“I always try to do something hard and techno-like, but what comes out is funky and tribal all the time.”

TLZ: Favorite hip hop track to sample from?

JS: I never sampled from hip-hop tracks, it was just the way I got into sampling. But if I had to choose, it would be something very old school like Mr. Magic because of the real recorded drums.

Interview With Jan Schulte 06.28.12

Photo by: Johannes Nikolauskapros

TLZ: Can you describe your sound?

JS: The best way to describe my sound would be that I always try to do something hard and techno-like, but what comes out is funky and tribal all the time.

TLZ: Well your Wolf Müller project is a lot darker than your Bufiman production. Is that what you wanted?

JS: The Bufiman record is recorded with a lot more equipment, for example a real Hohner D6 and acoustic Bass etc, while the Lagerfeuer Tanz (Wolf Müller Record) was intended to be totally percussive, there is only one guitar that is played by Uk Rattay, who is normally playing punk stuff.

TLZ: Analog, Digital, or both? What’s the process?

JS: I start with a rhythmic structure that I build by computer, then I record percussion and synth, and more analog stuff. I also work a lot with friends, like Florian Van Volxem who plays most of the guitars and basses in my music. This way to work is even more present in the Montezumas Rache project with Cheers Chris from Berlin. We always record a lot of guest musicians and later combine all recordings to a track.

TLZ: Speaking of your band, Montezumas Rache, what’s going on with that?

JS: We are always working on new stuff, but the distance between Düseldorf and Berlin is not helping when it comes to finishing stuff. Next weekend we will record Dominik Von Senger from Dunkelziffer, a band that we are big fans of. It’s an honor for us! I put a Dunkelziffer track in the mix I made for you guys.

TLZ: Right on! You also throw a lot of really cool events like “Single Club” in Düseldorf. Can you go a little bit more on your events?

JS: The Single-Club is a very radical project in combination with the Düsseldorf Arts Academy. It is about artists that change rooms drastically to have a 24 hour party inside it. It is very very intense each time. Besides that, I organize free jazz concerts in my favorite club, the Salon Des Amateurs, where I also play records as a resident DJ.

“Artists, stop showing off and get together.”

TLZ: Seems like you do a lot these days. where do you find time to eat?!

JS: I have my Mondays free. This is my holy day where i have breakfast for 3 hours and just listen to records all day. Besides that, I always eat a lot to keep strong!

Interview With Jan Schulte 06.28.12

Photo by: Julian Bethmann

TLZ: Hahaha…cool. Favorite labels/music right now?

JS: I’m really into Relief records at the moment, as I am too young to have discovered it in the 90’s , also I love the german Nagara label, percussive jazz from 70s/80s, Not Not Fun, and all that Sex tag Mania stuff.

TLZ: Right on. Any new music/ projects coming out from you soon?

JS: It is all in working progress at the moment, but we are working on new Montezumas Rache tracks and a new Bufiman record is planned as well.

Interview With Jan Schulte 06.28.12

Photo by: George Popov

TLZ: Can’t wait! Where can we find you spinning/performing in the near future?

JS: I will play a very interesting event tomorrow called “Neue Meister” with musicians like Stabil Elite, Tolouse Low Trax and more. I will also be playing more Düsseldorf stuff within the next weeks. On July 14, i will play at Africaine 808 / Gabom in Berlin with my friend and mad afro-disco collector Nomad Uno.

TLZ: Cool! Any last words?

JS: As I stated on the bufiman record, artists, stop showing off and get together.

More info on Jan Schulte:

Wolf Müller Soundcloud
Montezumas Rache Soundcloud
Themes For Great Cities Website

Make sure to catch Jan Schulte’s exclusive mix for The Lovely Daze Radio this Monday, July 2nd, 7:30 PM PST on!

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