A Lovely Daze Photo Book Volume One

January 29, 2014 - Diary

For almost three years we have been making music mixes for our friends..and its been such an awesome thing. We thank everyone for listening every week and for having an open ear when it comes to our taste in sound. We spend most of our free time (if not all)on searching for new music for you to hear every week. We put our time, effort, and soul to each mix and we hope that shows when you hear it. We also create the picture/art that goes with the mix. All being original photos.

We are pretty sure you know all these details but we just want to relay them one time over because you can now support your favorite online source for music!

We just finished up a photo booklet with all of our favorite photos from the site. Our budget was really slim, so we only made 100 booklets. They will be first sold at the Los Angeles Art Bookfair this weekend (Jan 30 – Feb 2) and then later on The Lovely Daze.

If you’re a constant listener to The Lovely Daze, Please donate by purchasing our book.

Thanks so much for your support and thanks for listening to The Lovely Daze each and every week.

– Jack of All Tracks

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